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We have become stakeholders of NELP (Network of Low HIV Prevelance Countries in Central and South Eastern Europe) ...
The HIV/AIDS Law Draft for Turkey
While decreasing in the world, HIV/AIDS is increasing in Turkey
Two new studies confirm antiretrovirals can prevent HIV transmission: Call for human rights-based guidance on PrEP and ART as prevention
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Medical and legal consultancy, psychological, psychiatric and nutritional support services are providing in this place... Click for details and communication
Frequently Asked Questions About HIV/ADS
HIV: HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus that causes AIDS. more
Where Can I get tested for HIV?
You can get tested for Hiv in almost all state hospitals and also University Hospitals. Also there s many custom hospitals and labs are doing the ELISA test.
According the programme between Turkish Republic and Global Aids Fund in Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Trabzon there is volunteer... more
WITNESSING Two woman have just learn that they have Hiv+...Both of them are depressed and they wrote to an email gruop also included Hiv Positive people that talking about they are planing to attend suicide... This article is one of the mail has been wrote as an answer for those women... more

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