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HIV+ Stories
+ Life | By Kızkulesi

+ Life  |  By Kızkulesi

I was married at a child’s age (17). My parents had decided that it was a suitable match and I had not objected to their decision. I had been brought up not to oppose the family. At 17 I became a woman, at 29 a mother, at 24 a widow, but I don’t know at what age I became +.

Free of an eight-year long, cancerous marriage, I began to win back my life. I had started working and gained my financial independence. I had my driver’s license and had started working out. Extremely social, cheerful and lively, a woman who loved people and life, going on picnics, to concerts and rarely missing any social events, I was a girl who could not sit still..

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‘Two woman have just learn that they have Hiv+...Both of them are depressed and they wrote to an email gruop also included Hiv Positive people that talking about they are planing  to attend suicide... This article is one of the mail has been wrote as an answer for those women...’

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