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Legal Consultancy

People who live with HIV/AIDS and their relatives may need legal advice about human rights, how to claim and establish their basic needs as a patient in the community. Researches also take place to improve quality of support, advice and briefings we provide.

Why you may need to have access to legal advice?

* If you have private insurance and your employer is informed about your HIV condition without your approval

* If  your surgical operation, medical examination or treatment is rejected for being HIV+

* If your condition of being HIV+ is given to press without your approval

* If HIV/AIDS results are given to you via e-mail or a phone call

* If you are made redundant for having HIV/AIDS

* If you have difficulties of getting married for HIV/AIDS reasons

* If your HIV/AIDS condition is shared with someone else without your approval

* Employer requests an HIV test before your employment and your application is rejected for your positive result

* HIV/AIDS information is shared with an institution without your knowledge

In these circumstances you may need to access our service and have legal advice from our solicitor Habibe Yilmaz Kayar by dialing 0 555 970 48 56 between 10:00 – 19:00. If you need solicitor and having financial difficulties to receive this service, we may advise you on how the legal system functions and the way to get free legal help.

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