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Medical Consultancy


Consulting service is given by the infectious diseases specialist and you could be advised with routes of transmission, interaction of the disease with other illnesses, importance of drug use, the importance of continuity of the treatment and how it effects to duration of the treatment, safe sexual life etc. Infectious diseases clinics treat people with HIV/AIDS due to the lack of HIV/AIDS clinics. Duration of the treatment you receive from the hospitals may be limited due to the intensity of the treatment. Interpretation of the test results, treatment-related issues that you wonder about could be answered by this service.


Under the heading of medical advisory, HIV/AIDS related questions could be answered below:


  • What is HIV?
  • What is the difference between HIV infection and AIDS?
  • HIV and AIDS diagnosis in the process of entry into the body and how does it work?
  • What should I expect from my doctor?
  • What are the methods for the treatment of HIV/AIDS?
  • What are the side effects of drugs and dangers of the drug use?
  • What are the opportunistic infections and what should I do not to get caught up to them.
  • What should I do not to spread HIV infection to other people?
  • What should I pay attention not to catch another infectious disease or HIV infection the second time while living with HIV?
  • Which hospitals could I get treatment? Which hospitals provides different tests? What are the main or most important tests I need to get done?
  • Do I need an injection to protect me against other infections while living with HIV/AIDS? What are these injections?

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