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While decreasing in the world, HIV/AIDS is increasing in Turkey

According to the findings of UNAIDS, in 2008 the number of people having been contracted HIV/AIDS in the world decreased, however, the figures in Turkey turn out to be the opposite. While decreasing in the world , HIV/AIDS in the world is increasing.


UNAIDS published  global AIDS report which consisted of recent datas and assessments on 24th of September 2009.


According to the report, in 2008 estimated 2.7 millions people ( between 2.4- 3.0 millions) within the world were infected with HIV.


Compared to 1996 in which infections were the highest it is observed that new HIV infections in 2008 were less  by 30 % and within last eight years it decreased by 17 %.


Children under  15- year old were examined to have 430.000 new HIV infections ( 240.000-610.000). According to the report, most of them are believed to occur during the pregnancy or birth and through breast feeding.


It decreases in the world but increases in Turkey


In this report Turkey was evaluated within the region of Middle East and North Africa. It is stated that in 2008 roughly 35.000 people ( 24.000- 46.000) were  infected with HIV  in the region. It is estimated that 20.000 people ( 15.000- 25.000) passed away due to their HIV diseases and totally 310.000 of them ( 250.000- 380.000) were living with HIV in this region.

In the report it is pointed out that the systems of fight against AIDS have to be reinforced in this region.


As far as the report’s concerned,  one of the most significant factors in the spread of HIV in the countries of this region is that people who mostly encounter HIV infect their sexual partners when returning their home. Second factor is infection between “key groups” . So according to the report the groups for whom the workings of the prevention have to intensify are women partners of men who were infected with HIV while working overseas, drug addicts, gay men and sex workers.


It is lastly emphasized in the report that the workings concerning the treatment have declined in the most of the region.


It is also stated that the number of the people tested is still very few though there are remarkable developments in training and informing about HIV.


“While decreasing in the world, HIV are increasing in Turkey. The essential reasons of this increase is our perception that “there is no HIV in Turkey”, “there is no priority to HIV/AIDS”. We demand that action plans ,rapidly devised  for other infectious diseases which have occured in Turkey , be also drawn up for HIV/AIDS. We are calling for  the society to pay attention to HIV/AIDS. Get rid of the prejudices against HIV/AIDS.  Today as we are Positive living Association, most nongovernmental organizations, volunteers, artists, doctors and supporters are meeting at Tunel square so as to draw attention to HIV/AIDS and say to get rid of the prejudices against HIV/AIDS. We are waiting for everybody sensitive to the matter.” said Arzu Kaykı, the chief executive of Positive Living Association




UNAIDS press release on 24 November 2009



2009 UNAIDS data



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