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Nutrition Consultancy

Our nutrition specialist give advise on drugs those could be used to strength the body`s immune system and help to balance the side effects of these drugs.Nutrition programs and personalized menus could be created.

You can find the answers to your questions about healthy eating below;

  • How nutrition program should be to strengthened the body`s immune system.
  • How to reduce the side effects of HIV drugs those aim to suppress the disease and the best nutrition program to support this treatment.
  • What foods strengthen the immune system?
  • What are the nutritional drinks those contain special formulas and aim to strengthen the body`s immune system.
  • Food hygeine, how to  to cook a healthy meal and  how to store the meal.
  • What are the effects of weight control on the body`s immune system? (Weight gain – submission)
  • Is it necessary to take vitamin-mineral tablets? Could I get same vitamin-minarals through healthy eating diet? If I need to take tablets, what are the best ones to use and recommended daily intake of these tablets?

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