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Peer Consultancy

To be diagnosed with HIV sometimes means to rebuild the life.

A person under the trauma of positive diagnosis may at first think that his life has been changing unintentionally and even has come to an end. Uncertainty and negative thoughts may turn this individual into more hopeless person.

Explaining that taking a HIV positive diagnosis doesn’t mean the end of life but a process of progression and change is quite significant in terms of rebuilding the peer’s life.


In this progression period, another peer’s sharing his/her own experience gained while living with HIV provides great benefit for a newly HIV positive diagnosed individual in making peace with HIV and rebuilding the life.

When seeing another peer who is also positive  and in quite healthy condition, a newly diagnosed individual regains the belief in life and his/her unique identity; hence becomes capable of making the life more meaningful. Guidance of another peer who is competent in living in peace with HIV, keeping persistence in the treatment, being able to defend himself/herself in case of abuse of rights is quite helpful in planning the future ahead and setting goals for a newly diagnosed person.


Translated by Nur Hayat

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