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Medicak Diagnosis Cannot Be Unveiled without Patient’s Consent (March 2010)


It was reported by Haberturk on 31 March 2010 with the caption “Beware of these women!” (http://www.haberturk.com/yasam/haber/504631-bu-kadinlara-dikkat) that out of 71 women forced into prostitution by a crime syndicate, 2 had HIV and 24 a sexually transmitted disease.

The point that draws attention in the report is the disclosure of the identities and clear photographs of the women whose medical situation was unveiled emphasizing the HIV presence.

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Rights Survive Even After Death (May 2010)


News reports with the headline “Serial killer H.A.’s victim A. in Izmir turned out to have AIDS” have begun to circulate among newspapers and websites dated 5 May 2010.

These reports, where A.’s medical details including HIV information have been unveiled, have disclosed the victim’s identity and featured a clear photograph. All these reports qualify in the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) as the violation of the right to privacy and the violation of the principle which asserts that no medical diagnosis can be unveiled without a judicial decision or medical necessity.

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For first time HIV/AIDS was brought up in Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi (December 2009)


On World AIDS Day, 1st of December, professor Kemalettin Aydın, the Deputy from Gümüşhane, conferred on HIV/AIDS off agenda in TBMM.

It was remarkable that professor Kemalettin Aydın, specialist in infectious diseases and clinical biology, emphasized the increase in the numbers of HIV/AIDS, elaborately handled the discrimination. Particularly the final part of his speech was striking.

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The analysis report of HIV positive people living in Anatolia was declared (December 2009)


Today the results of the Project called “Anatolia Project”( support services are expanded for people living with HIV) were revealed in İstanbul Larespark Hotel between 3pm and 5pm. The Project and survey organized by Positive Living Assocation in 10 cities, İstanbul heads, in which  HIV positive people intensively live, with the support of UNAIDS, have remarkable results.

163 people living with HIV were reached in accordance with the Project, having been done for a year between 2008-2009 to assess the problems about access of people living with HIV to treatment and social security in regional differences by detecting the discrimination and stigmatization, they are exposed to.

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For first time HIV/AIDS was brought up in (December 2009)

Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi!

On World AIDS Day, 1st of December, professor Kemalettin Aydın, the Deputy from Gümüşhane, conferred on HIV/AIDS off agenda in TBMM.

It was remarkable that professor Kemalettin Aydın, specialist in infectious diseases and clinical biology, emphasized the increase in the numbers of HIV/AIDS, elaborately handled the discrimination. Particularly the final part of his speech was striking. 

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“Prejudice” balloons flied, we walked with the truths... (December 2009)

 World AIDS Day 2009, 1st of December:

“Prejudice” balloons flied, we walked with the truths...

Today Positive Living Association was in the street within the scope of World AIDS Day, 1st of December with the representatives of 42 institution and organizations and artists in order to say "Avoid your prejudices against HIV/AIDS!" 

People living with HIV, their mothers, fathers, children, spouses, friends... Accompanied with rhythm, women and youth foundations, doctors, teachers, lawyers, artists, the representatives of private sector, dancers, pierrots, mythological wooden legs walked from Tunel square to in front of Galatasaray High School with colorful images. 

Within the walk in which Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Mayor of Beyoğlu, actress Arzu Yanardağ, Teoman Nemrutlu and Ayça Damgacı engaged  people from different jobs, organizations and ages gathered together and left balloons on which “prejudice” was written  into the air. 

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HIV/AIDS: Decrease in the World but Turkey (December 2009)

December 1, 2009  

Press statement on 2009 UNAIDS Report  “New HIV infections are dwindling, the access to the treatment is rising

UNAIDS, the programme of United Nation’s fight against AIDS, published global AIDS report which consisted of recent data and assessment on 24th of November 2009.  According to the report, estimated 2.7 millions people (between 2.4- 3.0 millions) throughtout the world were infected with HIV in 2008. Compared to 1996 when infections were the highest, it is observed that new HIV infections in 2008 were less by 30 % and it dwindled by 17 % within last eight years. Children under 15- year old were observed to have 430.000 new HIV infections ( 240.000-610.000). According to the report, most of them are believed to occur during the pregnancy, birth and through breast feeding. 

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HIV/AIDS: Decrease in the World but Turkey (November 2009)

While decreasing in the world, HIV/AIDS is increasing in Turkey

According to the findings of UNAIDS, in 2008 the number of people having been contracted HIV/AIDS in the world decreased, however, the figures in Turkey turn out to be the opposite. While decreasing in the world , HIV/AIDS in the world is increasing. 

UNAIDS published  global AIDS report which consisted of recent datas and assessments on 24th of September 2009. 

According to the report, in 2008 estimated 2.7 millions people ( between 2.4- 3.0 millions) within the world were infected with HIV. 

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Invitation for the World AIDS Day! (November 2009)

What about getting rid of the prejudices and terminating the violation of rights people living with HIV/AIDS are exposed to?


The rights to health,treatment, education, marriage and raising family, life are most essential human rights. Nevertheless, people living with HIV/AIDS are deprived of these essential human rights. Because it is regarded that people with HIV are dangerous, diseased, sinful, the others, people far away. What kills them is not virus but the discrimination and prejudices.Let’s get rid of these prejudices together!

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HIV/AIDS: Not a Murderer but a Medical Condition (September 2009)

HIV/AIDS is not a Mass murderer, it is just a medical condition.

In a campaign launched for World AIDS Day by Regenbogen, an UNAIDS group, whose center is Hamburg, AIDS advertisement featuring Hitler has recently been in print and mass media with messages growing fear and hatred. 

At the end of the commercial in which a couple have sex, the man turns out to be Adolf Hitler and a slogan that Aids is a mass murderer appears under his gaze. In this campaign there are also posters which display Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein having sex with women apart from this commercial which triggers prejudices against HIV/AIDS and people living with HIV. 

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HIV/AIDS discussion with Antalya Local Jornalists (September 2009)

September 4, 2009

Positive Living Association organized a press conference in Antalya, 4th major city as to the cases of HIV, in order to give an accurate information about HIV/AIDS and raise awareness. At the meeting, having been held in Antalya Journalists Association  at 11:00 am on Thursday, September 3, 2009, it was declared that there have been a decrease in the speed of a wide spread for HIV/AIDS in the world unlike the figures of Turkey in which HIV/AIDS is on a rapid increase.

At the meeting, held in Antalya Journalists Association  at 11:00 am on Thursday, September 3, 2009, Arzu Kaykı, the head of Positive Living Association, declared that it is high time they had to talk about HIV/AIDS and there is necessity for protection, prevention and enlightenment in lieu of inadequate fears. 

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HIV Positives in Turkey are on the European Commission Agenda (August 2009)

25 August 2009 

The problems of people living with HIV are discussed in European Commission meeting on  “Human Rights”

From Turkey Positive Living Association participated in European Commission meeting on “Human Rights” executed in Brussel. In this meeting executed before Turkey progress report 2009 of European Commission, Positive Living Association  prepared and presented a report which examine current status dealing with HIV/AIDS in Turkey and the problems of people living with HIV

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The Role of Displaced People on HIV/AIDS (August 2009)

For  the first time Turkey was represented… 

The Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic which for the first time in history represented Turkey  participated in a meeting, named “ The Position of People Moving* in HIV/AIDS Epidemic”. 300 people amongUnited Nations agencies, NGO and the government representatives joined the meeting which UNAIDSProgramme Coordinating Board organized in Cenevre between 22-24th of June in 2009. Without  any limitations, 108 countries including Turkey admit immigrants, defectors and refugees. In four different panels it was discussed what works need to be carried out for obstacles dealing with the subject which stands out and to surpass them. The decesions on which all the countries and representatives agreed took place in the workshop report.

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Don’t be disclosed! (July 2009)

Without a person’s permission medical diagnoses can not be announced

It was announced at the newspapers which was published on 4 june 2009 that 14 out of 49 women caught as a result of a military operation are of disease  contaminated sexually and it is identified that two women have AIDS. 

The subject that stands out at the news is that the photographs of women, particularly having been announced to have AIDS, whose medical information was declared was clearly recognizably published and their credentials unfolded. 

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4th year Celebration of Positive Living Association (June 2009)

Positive Living Association celebrated  4th anniversary


Positive Living Association, which was established in 2005  by people living with HIV, activists, doctors and assistant professors ,who were concerned with this subject, with the aim of the fact that for HIV + people and their relatives  support, advocacy and awareness projects were  executed celebrated 4th anniversary with volunteers and counsellorson 7 june  2009.

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Turkey hosted an important regional meeting (May 2009)

May, 9 2009

 130 participants from 140 South East European countries attended the “HIV in South East Europe II: Working together for progress” meeting held by HIVTRI (HIV Training and Resource Initiative) in Istanbul from May 6 to May 8 in 2009. Doctors, nurses, HIV+ people, state officials, international experts and the representatives of the pharmaceutical companies gathered together and suggested solutions to the topics like the access of the HIV+ people to the drugs and treatment, the discrimination and the stigmatisation they face to face and the scientific researches in this field.

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1.Report on the Violation of Rights of People Living with HIV in Turkey (March 2009)

Positive Living Association published the Report on Violation of Rights of HIV+ people in Turkey 

Positive Living Association (PLA) searched for the violation of rights of HIV+ people in Turkey. In the research which was made on the basis of the law consultancies given on July 2007 – July 2008 and which was supported by Open Society Institute, there were striking results. The place where the HIV+ people are mostly violated is the healthcare organizations. The healthcare organizations don’t pay enough medical care to the HIV+ people and they both misinform and give wrong information. 

The fields where the HIV+ people are violated in the report are those:

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Drug-resistant HIV-positives having trouble! (January 2009)


N.S, leading his life as a HIV+ person since 1986, is resistant to the HIV treatments. He faces the difficulties in the supply of the medicine suitable for his situation. 61-year-old N.S. is waiting for the decision of the commission which gathers only twice per annum in order to import the drug not available in Turkey although he has social security. 

We talked about his situation also with Professor Deniz Gökengin, the faculty member of the department of Clinical Microbiology and Infection at Ege University, and Tekin Tutar, a member of the board of directors of Positive Living Organisation (PLA). 

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Worlds AIDS Day, 2008: 1st time on the streets (December 2008)

We were on the roads for the first time for 1 December World AIDS Day   -  2 December 2008

WE are the HIV-positive people and their acquaintances, WE are the activists of Positive Living Association’s department of HIV/AIDS, WE are women’s organisations, WE are youth organisations, WE are Community Volunteers (TOG) and Turkish Medical Students’ International Committee (TurkMSIC), WE are doctors, WE are the artists, WE are the representatives of the private sector, WE are Gilead Medicine, Communication Unit Advertising Agency Services Ltd, WE are GfK Group, WE are Beyoğlu residents, WE are volunteers... We all were on the roads on 1stDecember to say that HIV/AIDS is the concern of the women, men, the youth, the middle aged, the grocer, the teacher, the policeman, the businessman, the housewife, that is to say, that HIV/AIDS is OUR concern. 

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Press Release: XVII. International Mexico Conference (August 2008)


Positive Living Association’s Press Release: XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City


Positive Living Association which attended the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City as the representative of Turkey gave the message which is “Turkey needs much positive attention.”. Nearly 25,000 people attended the conference on 3rd– 8thAugust.

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Press Release related to 1-year-old HIV infected child in Urfa (July 2008)

Positive Living Association’s Press Release: 1-year-old child transfused with HIV-positive blood

As Positive Living Association (PLA), we are inviting the media which mislead the people with headlines like “Blood with AIDS” and which don’t respect to the laws about “privacy of personal information” in the news about the 1-year-old child transfused with HIV-positive blood in Urfa to show sensitivity in the news about HIV/AIDS. 

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Positive Living Association has prepared the following manuscript in order to clarify the news containing false statements and which was headlined as “Threat of world Aids pandemic among heterosexuals is over” in the media. 

You can have an access to the source news text published by Independent on 8thof June, 2008 via this link

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Positive Living Association’s Disclosure about the judgment of The Council of State 10th Chamber (February 2008)

We are, as Positive Living Association, condoling with the family of Ali Orhan Bulucu who committed suicide in Yozgat after learning that the result of his HIV test was positive, and inviting the media, the Ministry of Health and the judiciary to cooperate in order to prevent people from losing their lives because of the lack of knowledge and consciousness among the society about HIV and because of the wrong applications. In concern with this event, we want to highlight the fact that HIV/AIDS and the possibilities of curing it are not known sufficiently by the public.

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