Positive Living Association (PLA)
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Our center providing nutrition, medical, psychological and jurally support for PLWHIV and their relatives if they need. The center is open everyday 10am - 7pm during the week.
PYDM provided approximately 3500+ services through the 580 people since august 2006.

Who can get services from PLSC?

All the services are free for PLWHIV and their relatives (family, partner, close friend etc.).

Which Condition?

  • If you cant decide where to go and what to do when you first diagnosed,
  • If you have questions about your social security,
  • If you want to meet with another HIV positive person,
  • If you have questions about starting treatment and get use to medications physically,
  • If you have problems about access to treatment,
  • For psychological support if you have mental problems,
  • For prevent side effects of medications,
  • Nutrition support for boost your immune system,
  • To learn how to protect yourself, your partner or your husband/wife,
  • For get socialize without have any fear with other members of PLSC,

You can reach to Positive Living Support Center...


Healthy Nutrition

Our nutrition specialist can give you nutrition program to boost your immune system against the weakness in your immune system causes by virus itself. Also these programs can relieve the side effects of treatment.

Some of the answers of your questions about nutrition below;

  • How can I boost my immune system with the right nutrition program?
  • How can I relieve the side effects of my medications by using nutrition support?
  • Which diet program can boost my immune system?
  • What is the special formulas and drinks to strength my immune system?
  • What is the importance of diet program's to strength my nutrition system?
  • What is the importance of weight control on immune system?
  • Is nutrition support necessary by taking pills?

Psychological Consultancy

Our psychologist provides personal or group therapies for ideological, behavioral or mental difficulties which appears after the HIV infection.
These services are free for PLWHIV and their relatives.

Why Psychological Support?

PLWHIV have the higher risk for depression and anxiety disorder. Depression and anxiety disorders can affect the person daily life and medial treatment process. Psychological support can deals with the emotional side of the HIV and might help to PLWHIV and also their relatives.
You can find some of the solutions with psychological support below:

  • Depression
  • The anxiety of sharing information about your HIV status with family or friends
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Guiltiness
  • To feel lost and the fear of death
  • To feel abandoned
  • To feel lonely
  • To feel dependent to others
  • Uncertainty
  • Suicidal worries
  • Anxieties about sexual life and avoiding sexual contacts
  • Stigma and isolation
  • Lose the ability of future planning

Legal Consultancy

To PLWHIV and their relatives;

  • Inform the PLWHIV about Basic rights, patient rights, non-discrimination, defendant rights, disadvantaged rights and the other issues,
  • Help to give remedy about Violation and disadvantage
  • Use a lawyers support for criminal and law trials,
  • Legal consultancy and support in every step
  • The trainings for awareness about legal issues

Medical Consultancy

The service providing by our infection specialist about contagion of HIV, the interaction of the virus and the other infections, medication usage and importance, safe sex etc.
You can reach these answers by using medical consultancy below:

  • What is HIV?
  • What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?
  • What is the process between first contagion with virus and AIDS and how it works?
  • What are the treatment options for HIV and AIDS?
  • What should I expect from my Doctor?
  • What are the side effects of treatment and how can I avoid these effects?
  • What are the opportunistic infections and how can I protect myself from them?
  • What should I do for not to infect other people?
  • In which hospitals I can get the treatment and have my regular tests?

When can I apply for medical treatment?

  • Starting your treatment
  • Understand your blood test results
  • About your questions of combination therapy
  • The problems you have during the medication usage
  • Side effects and to learn how to deal with them

The Other Services Providing by Our Center

The other services below:

  • You can follow the national and international articles and publishes,
  • You can use our computers for make searches and raise your knowledge about HIV/AIDS
  • You can attend the trainings, seminars and movie presentations in our center.

To benefit of services in our center and for every detailed questions you can call 0212 288 38 83 or send an email to pymQpozitifyasam.org. To attend the events it will be enough to let us know your email. We will infor you before the events start.

All the information belongs to consultees will keep in our center.The team of Positive Living Association has been trained about privacy and security.

How and when can i have an appointment from consultants?

PLSC providing services from Monday to Friday between 10am and 7 pm. Once a week nutrition specialist, legal advisor and doctor and twice a week psychologist provides services. Once a month psychiatrist provides services.

To benefit from services you need to have an appointment. You can apply 0212 288 38 83 or pym@pozitifyasam.org for appointment.

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