Positive Living Association (PLA)
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Who we are

(Pozitif Yaşam  Derneği - PYD)                              


Our story began in early 80s, when we received a positive test result.  We were HIV+, we were alone, clueless and helpless.

We didn't know what to do

Some of us were abandoned,
Some of us were fired,
Some of us were rejected,
And some of us died...

However, do you realize that we share the same world?

Maybe with your father or mother,
Your son or your daughter,
Your lawyer, your doctor,
Your neighbor, your friend or even with you…

We remain silent; we keep it a secret, because you are afraid to acknowledge our existence. And then we...

Loose our families,
Loose our lovers,
Loose our jobs,
Loose our confidence,
We even loose our chance to get treatment.

Those who remain behind have come together and built a very strong circle, we call it Positive Life Association.

HIV positive or not, we are positive, very positive indeed.

Positive Living Association has been working according to the objectives that have been determined by process of strategic planning since 2005. PLA has important experiences and advanced very fast. We decided to manage a meeting on March 21, 2009to determine primary objectives of the association for coming terms. As a consequence of this meeting, a vision text was formed by our members and volunteers.

Positive Living Association is an association that was established by people living with HIV/AIDS, their relatives, volunteers, and experts on related branches.

Our vision:

To prevent the people with HIV/AIDS from discrimination, to maintain access to free treatment easily, to have equal rights with all citizens

Our mission:

- to canalize the people with HIV regardless of whether they are diagnosed or not and their relatives to counseling services
- to make conscious them about social, medical and legal sides of HIV
- to support them physically and mentally
- to prevent them from labeling and discrimination by activities of advocacy
- to try realizing the rights that they have

PYD's Goal and Identity

PYD has been founded in order to build a network among people living with HIV/AIDS to ensure that they have better access to treatment, to improve their living standards, to strengthen them and their relatives physically, psychologically and socially, to carry out advocacy activities in case of violation of legal rights and to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS.

PYD has members from all sectors of the society including people living with HIV/AIDS, their relatives and friends, doctors, faculty staff, counselors and activists.

Objectives of PLA:

1.1 to announce that PLA is a platform that the ones who are diagnosed as HIV+ can come together, can get counseling service and support via web site

1.2 to provide the people living with HIV/AIDS to participate into this process actively, and so to raise awareness of civic society thanks to PLA.

2.1 to strengthen the people living with HIV/AIDS and their relatives physically, mentally and socially thanks to peer guidance, legal, psychological, feeding, and medical counseling services given by PLA.

2.2 to strengthen the people with HIV/AIDS by informing them by seminars, trainings and projects

2.3 to provide the people living with HIV/AIDS who face with different problems to access to free treatment, support and care services, regardless of they are Turkish citizen or not

2.4 to determine the violation of rights of people living with HIV/AIDS who are exposed to discrimination and labeling and to take these issues into court

3.1 to participate into the national meetings that are managed by AIDS Commission and to contribute to determine rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and politics related to HIV/AIDS

3.2 to provide the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS to achieve to responsible authorities in health system and to make easier PLHIV to access to diagnosis, treatment and support services

3.3 to support the government in the process of establishing HIV/AIDS clinics and hospitals

3.4 to represent Turkey in the meetings of the institutions that were established by the PLHIV and in the international congresses related to HIV/AIDS, to support developments by sharing experiences

4.1 to work to change attitudes towards HIV/AIDS by achieving national and international institutions, media, governmental institutions, and NGOs.

4.2 to form projects aimed to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, to remove discriminative and labeling attitudes towards PLHIV.


In the second phase of the meeting, we discussed the values that will give the direction to works of PLA. Common principles and values are the characteristics that determine the identity of PLA. They express basic beliefs, moral values, rules for behaviors, purposes and ideals that are shared by all members, workers and volunteers. They are also basic criterions to decide whether the decisions are right or wrong.

Every member is responsible for,
-keeping absolutely confidential the identity of people living with HIV/AIDS in and outside of the association.
-respecting privacy of the clients.

Every member should be able to give information about working process of the association.

Every member is responsible to work for prevention of spread of HIV.

Not to abuse the possibilities of the association:
- The members and volunteers are responsible not to abuse activities of the association for their professions.
- PLA does not serve to personal and commercial interests.

- Every member is responsible for act according to the decisions taken by the board of the association and general assembly.

- Workers and representatives of the association are not evaluated according to whether they are HIV+ or not, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, religion and social status but they are only evaluated according to their competence and motivation in the works related to HIV/AIDS.

- Membership begins with the reference of another member.
- People living with HIV must be among the members of the association, volunteers, and the members of the administration and workers of the association. Especially, most of the members of the association and the members of the administration must be people living with HIV.

- Members are responsible for helping people, who are physically or psychologically affected by HIV/AIDS, in all circumstances, and support them so that they live a decent life without segregation and have equal access to treatment.

Opposing Discrimination and Stigma:
- Members are responsible for opposing all kinds of discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS in the society, in workplaces, public offices, schools, hospitals, media and in daily life. They are responsible for approaching to the groups such as homosexuals, sex workers, substance users, homeless people which are called “risk groups” without prejudice and with considering human rights.

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