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Our Counseling Services

Peer Counseling

People diagnosed with HIV might think that their whole life has changed, or even ended. Uncertainty and negative thoughts can make them feel even more hopeless. In order to help them restructure their lives, it’s crucial to explain them that being diagnosed with HIV is not the end of life, but rather a transformation and transition period.

It provides significant help for the ones newly diagnosed with HIV-positive to reconcile with HIV and restructure their lives during this transition period if a peer of them with HIV-positive shares their experience of living with HIV with them.

Seeing another HIV-diagnosed person who leads a healthy life would make the newly diagnosed person reconcile with themself and life, and also make their life more meaningful. With persistent treatment and under the guidance of another peer who is reconciled with HIV and has excelled at self-advocation against possible violation of rights, protecting their own rights and freedom, newly diagnosed people would be able to see the future and their goals more clearly while planning their lives.

Peer counseling is only offered for people living with HIV and their relatives. Please call +90 505 019 7148 to schedule an appointment.

Psychological Counseling

HIV is a virus that has long been non-fatal, and whose contagious nature has been almost destroyed with medications, and is considered a major social issue today. Therefore, encountering HIV causes trauma for people and their relatives. Psychological counseling for acknowledgement of the disease, access to treatment and overcoming this trauma that affects the treatment discipline, and moving on with daily life is usually the most important support.

People living with HIV can get psychological counseling and psychosocial support from our volunteered clinical psychologists in Ankara and İstanbul, and also the psychologists at our support center, either on their own accord or with the guidance of peer counsellors and doctors.

For more information, please call +90 505 019 7148.

Nutrition Counseling

A balanced diet holds the key to a healthy life. Nutrition is the key to everything, from our consumed energy throughout the day to building blocks that help our metabolism function properly. While there are no special diets or nutrition modules for people living with HIV, recommended balanced diet rules designated for each person gain even more importance.

Unless there’s no other disease that requires a special diet, a diet including at least three meals a day with the consumption of all food groups is recommended for people living with HIV. Convenience food-free nutrition habits that include a balanced fat and sugar consumption and fresh products are recommended.

Under the guidance of our center, expert nutritionists provide nutrition counseling for people living with HIV who have eating disorder, excessive weight loss or overweight issues. Please check Living with HIV/Nutrition section for further information about nutrition rules.

Legal Counseling

Insufficient social awareness and knowledge level about HIV infection occasionally result in rights violation of people living with HIV, by means of education, working and health. The counseling aims to inform people living with HIV or their lawyers about the required measures and legal processes in order to cease the the violation of rights.

Pre-test Counseling

Diagnosis of HIV infection at the right time and with the right method is a lifesaver. This counseling focuses on risky behaviors, test durations, test techniques and possible results. Pre-test counseling is only provided by our counsellors via phone at +90 505 019 7148. You may talk to our counsellors regarding your risk status and window period, and request guidance for test centers. Please check our website for further information on risky behaviors, test techniques and durations.