Our Services

Positive Life Support Center we created within Positive Life Association is a facility offering peer counseling, social services counseling, psychosocial support, psychological counseling, nutrition counseling, legal counseling, attorney services, emergency medicine support and free HIV testing. Besides our center’s free support services, trainings, seminars and social activities for people living with HIV/AIDS are also held here.

Our association, which also offers awareness trainings for diverse occupational groups, develops services and projects to increase the knowledge of society on HIV infection, and also to fight against stigma and discrimination by overcoming the prejudices.

Our center, which provides unconditional support for research projects on HIV and AIDS, forms strategic partnerships with organizations and individuals who wish to conduct research projects on this matter.

People living with HIV and their relatives can benefit from all activities of the association for free. You can contact us at 0216 418 10 61 to attend the activities of the support center. You can also call our refugee support line at +90 505 019 7148 to get service in English and Arabic.

ID submission is not required for participation in the activities. Your personal infection history data is kept confidential by your own counseling expert.

Our support center is open every weekday between 10:00-18:00.

For training and seminar requests, please contact us at  info@pozitifyasam.org.